Best season of Dubai travel | Beach Resort / Short Vacation

[Middle East Visiting 0] [] UAE (Dubai) Customs visit | intellectual ... Desert Beach Resort [Dubai] Dubai is the capital of the United Arab Emirates of Dubai, which is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the Arabian peninsula. I have seen this year as in the transfiguration a worldwide tourist city as well as the financial center of the Middle East one of the best. Famous as a tourist spot, skyscraper [Burj Khalifa] and the world's largest shopping mall [Dubai Mall], a huge artificial island [Palm Island], the finest star hotel in the world [Burj Al Arab, fountain show There are, such as [Dubai Fountain]. The theme park in the United 0 Century Fox, [0th Century Fox World] at 0 years scheduled to open, is still in development, such as the current becomes under construction. The desert safari to explore the desert are also popular as as one of Dubai's activity. In Dubai with different flavor from other popular beach resort, let's experience the luxury resort life in the desert beaches of the Persian Gulf. Features of the Dubai climate Best season of Dubai travel has been generally referred to as 0 Jan-month.