Middle East of wine

[Middle East Visiting 0] [] UAE (Dubai) Customs visit | intellectual ... Middle East is considered the land of wine originated. Until decades ago but had become Turkish territory until around Syria, The Turkey whether or Assyrian will be considered as wine originated in the country. This area, from the sense of Japanese desert spread the temperature is high, such as grapes I feel that or not can not be cultivated, but, in fact, from Lebanon The Golan Heights, followed by the alpine zone is toward northern Israel, at an altitude of m Mount Hermon snowy has towers. Wine producing areas are are scattered along these alpine zone, Some of them have started to be imported to Japan. Since it is a region of wine originated, but I just also expected taste of the old days of wine Modern cultivation method to introduce advanced technology, such as California is now, in the modern brewing technology Having a high quality have been produced. Lebanon Once you hit the wine Greece, in an area where Phoenicians lived that is told in Rome. In particular, Chateau Musar with a field at the foot of Barouk mountain has continued to produce a wine of long-ripe type from grapes such as Cabernet and Cinsault.