Soccer in the Middle East, whether you fight the heat? - Qoly

[Middle East Visiting 0] [] UAE (Dubai) Customs visit | intellectual ... [The same will happen also in the 0 years of Qatar W Cup] World Cup Asian final qualifying the first section that have been made to date. In the match with Oman's capital Muscat was done before sunset, the temperature was marked 0 degrees before and after. As a result Australia is not be completely over the press, it was struggling. Also in the World Cup in Qatar to be held to 0 years, there remains still the same problem. Oz Mansa Miu Ding reporter for The National paper, published an article that [players, it will be necessary "to avoid the heat" in the game in the Middle East]. Nick Worth has served as the medical staff of Al Jazeera, were interviewed for the play among the high temperature. [Fine thing will be important. It must take a lot of moisture than usual. Before the game and half-time in Energy Gel, it has given the energy bar. Use an ordinary sports drink is basically, but such as the addition of sometimes electrolyte supplements. They are us to compensate for the minerals lost by sweating because] (Or player is to lose moisture much during the game?) [High temperature will not lose moisture than we think.